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moonlit words

Mademoiselle Lanthier
I write short stories, mostly of the historical fiction or Gothic/classic supernatural genres. I also write fairy tales, and poetry.
I want to start working on a historical novel in the "not-too-distant" future.

Some of my enthusiasms: Oscar Wilde, Walter Pater, Vincent Van Gogh, Pre-Raphaelite art, Hex (brilliant television show), David Bowie.

I post my work here; I also like to post literary quotes.
Each entry is Copyright protected. If you do not respect that, well, you have an IP address, so good luck plaigiarising. Good fucking luck.
agatha christie, alexandre dumas fils, alexandre dumas pere, andre gide, andrew marvel, angelo poliziano, angie sage, ann radcliffe, anne rice, balzac, baudelaire, blake, bram stoker, brett easton ellis, byron, c.s. lewis, catherine delors, charles maturin, chekhov, choderlos de laclos, christopher marlowe, coleridge, conan doyle, dante gabriel rossetti, daphnedumaurier, deborah swift, dostoevsky, e.m. forster, e.t.a. hoffmann, edgar allan poe, edmond de goncourt, elizabeth garner, emily bronte, evelyn waugh, fairy tales, fitzgerald, flaubert, frances hodgson burnett, francine prose, frank o'connor, gaston leroux, geoffrey chaucer, george chapman, georgette heyer, gerard de nerval, goethe, gustave kahn, homer, horace walpole, huysmans, j.d. salinger, james beattie, james joyce, james macpherson, james malcolm rymer, jane austen, john clare, john donne, john polidori, joss whedon, julian jones, keats, lucy watkins, m.r. james, mallarme, malory, marion zimmer bradley, mark akenside, mikhail bulgakov, milton, nathaniel hawthorne, old english poetry, oscar wilde, ovid, p.g. wodehouse, paul valery, paul waters, percy bysshe shelley, philip sydney, pierre louys, pushkin, raleigh, richard lovelace, robert blair, russel t. davies, sappho, shakespeare, sheridan le fanu, steven moffat, tennyson, thackeray, theophile gautier, thomas hardy, thomas lovell beddoes, thomas warton, thomas wyatt, tolstoy, verlaine, walter pater, wilkie collins, william butler yeats, william morris, william wordsworth